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What can I earn as a Daytrader? This question would probably burn most of the newcomers on the soul. The answer to this is, however, mostly disappointing for many: How much money is earned during daytrading is 100% dependent on one now [source] itself.

A daytrader can earn a few hundred euros a day, a few seconds or a month. Mainly the merit depends on skill, risk-tolerance and, of course, on capital employed. One of the basic rules is that only one to three percent of the equity per trade should be risked.

Example find more info out scenario:

A daytrader starts with a capital of 10,000 euros and uses it regularly 1.5%. 50 percent profits and 50 percent losses in find out here now are achieved. In the case of a loss, a loss of 1.5 percent and a profit of 3 percent. Now the next story could look like this:

Even though five trades were lost and won, the Daytrader earned 747 euros. However, this calculation is far from a guarantee that a daytrader can achieve such a profit every day, week or month. There will always be days with losses that a daytrader has to process.

Everyday life of a daytrader click to find out more one

The daily routine of a daytrader can look like this:

Daytraders stand up for. Firstly, news, publications and news will be viewed to get a first impression of the current market situation.

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Then the trades of the previous day are also go!! analyzed:

The London Stock Exchange opens at 9am. Before this, however, the Daytrader already deals with the technical analysis and the fundamental analysis. After the exchange is opened, the first movements are waiting for. The trade itself usually starts at around noon.

When the stock market also view it now opens in New York, so here at 3 pm, the next interesting phase for Daytrader begins, because the market is very volatile. Around 5 pm, most of the positions are closed.

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